Julia M. I Austria I “The cooked meals were delicious and the flat was close to the school.”

Gabriel L. I Switzerland I “My host family was very kind to me. Thank you!.”

Carole K. I France I “My host family was very nice and I liked the meals a lot.”

Benjamin P. I Germany I “My host family helped me practice my Spanish a lot and they were very nice to me.”

Magdalena S. I Poland I “Edina was very friendly and cooked quite well.”

David P. I Austria I “The Host family was very helpful and always tried their best to make us happy.”

Asli S. I Turquey I “I liked that it was such a big flat and well-decorated.”

Florian F. I Germany I “Our flat was very quiet and comfortable”

Marco B. I Italy I “I really liked the terrace in my room”

Patricia L. I USA I “I love the fact that I got to meet students from other countries in my host family. There was a really big diversity of cultures”