Yuki M. I Japan I “I would like to comeback as everything here was nice: the methodology, teachers, the activity program, the people.”Eleonora E. I Italy I “I really loved the way you teach so I will recommend the school to my friends.”

Kathy M. I England I “The classes were very interactive so the experience was enjoyable with excellent learning.”

Ipek S. I Turkey I “The activities program was the best as well as the methodology.”

Pieter V. I The Netherlands I “The atmosphere, the people, the Spanish classes – wait for me for next summer as my time in Barcelona was fantastic.”

Elisa D. I Brazil I “I was really surprised with everything so I´m really happy and will feel “saudade”…”

Julia T. & Julian G. I Germany I “The school is great and the people there, too! Our teachers were some of the best I have ever had. Keep up the good work and thank you very much for everything.”

Erin H. I USA I “I loved the classes because they were dynamic and the teacher was also great. I met lots of people because the atmosphere at the school was so cool.”

Stephan G. I Austria I “I´ve never had teachers that were so patient, helpful and motivated – big plus for the staff!”


Julia M. I Austria I “The cooked meals were delicious and the flat was close to the school.”

Gabriel L. I Switzerland I “My host family was very kind to me. Thank you!.”

Carole K. I France I “My host family was very nice and I liked the meals a lot.”

Benjamin P. I Germany I “My host family helped me practice my Spanish a lot and they were very nice to me.”

Magdalena S. I Poland I “Edina was very friendly and cooked quite well.”

David P. I Austria I “The Host family was very helpful and always tried their best to make us happy.”

Asli S. I Turquey I “I liked that it was such a big flat and well-decorated.”

Florian F. I Germany I “Our flat was very quiet and comfortable”

Marco B. I Italy I “I really liked the terrace in my room”

Patricia L. I USA I “I love the fact that I got to meet students from other countries in my host family. There was a really big diversity of cultures”


Clermont-Ferrand Group I France I “Very positive evaluation of the teachers. They took into consideration the different levels of our school´s students and the classes were very dynamic.”

Seyfried Group I Austria I “Activities were well-organized and our students learnt a lot about Barcelona´s architecture, history and culture.”

Goutagneux Group I Switzerland I “The Teachers are quite motivated and do an excellent job.”

Hermanek Group I Austria I “The Host families are very nice and the food was very tasty. Our students love the Barcelona´s way of life.”

Dahl-Rigg Group I Norway I “The Teachers have been able to keep the students interested and classes were very successful. See you next year!.”

Kühbock Group I Austria I “My students think it´s a very warm and perfect place to study. They are very happy with the teachers, guides and the whole trip in general. I really want to thank all Kingsbrook´s Team on behalf of my students for spending a lovely week in Barcelona.”

Sintas Group I France I “Perfect welcome at the school. It´s my second time that I have worked with Kingsbrook and I am very happy – see you next year!.”

PE Group I Poland I “The Classes are very interesting and with a lot of interaction.”

Stangel Group I Austria I “We had a great week. Thanks for everything!”

QC Group I Italy I “Very good organization and very flexible to meet all our needs.”

Humpl Group I Austria I “We´ve been coming now for ten years and we always spend two wonderful weeks in spring with our school students. It´s always a fantastic experience, we are welcomed with kindness, the organization of the classes is perfect and Kingsbrook´s teachers are really motivated.”

Nieuwe Lyceum Group I The Netherlands I “The Teachers are very good and classes are very communicative.”

OP Group I New Zealand I “Experience at Kingsbrook was fantastic. They are a very kind, professional and personable team.”

Stangl Group I Austria I “Our students liked the classes very much. They also learned a lot about the city and its culture with the cultural and leisure activities Kingsbrook organized. Thanks for everything!.”

PE Group I Russia I “We are very satisfied with all the services Kingsbrook offered us – thank you very much!.”

Bourges Group I France I “Our students enjoyed the Spanish classes they took at Kingsbrook a lot.”