Kids are able to learn and to assimilate languages in a very easy and natural way. That’s why we want to enhance this ability for learning languages through a fun way of learning by using a communicative methodology in small groups where kids practice and learn naturally.

For that reason, our teachers for Kids have experience in teach them as it is a completely different approach than the one for adults courses.


We offer two options for Kids & Teens Courses for students from P4 to 2º Bachillerato:

I Group classes where no more than 8 students per class ensure teachers can dedicate more time to each student.

I Private classes for one child or for small selected group (friends, siblings or school mates). These private classes offer a personalized schedule and material.

Check out our PDF for more information.

School Reinforcement

We also offer reinforcement classes in different subjects such as writing, reading, mathematics, Spanish or Catalan. For children from 1st to 4th ESO. It can be either in private classes at school or at home, as in the water group classes in our center. These group classes are held from Monday to Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. and students can attend the days they want.


We believe it is very important for kids to learn with proper material that makes them feel interested and motivated. They already spend a lot of time at school throughout the school day, for this reason we carefully select captivating materials for kids.

We also collect information on the hobbies and interests of our students so we can prepare additional material related with our students’ interests in mind.

Games, movies, cartoons, music or theater can help them learn easily and motivate them to participate in the classroom.

We also use ICT Technologies for teaching, so our teachers can use smart phones, tablets, netbooks, TVs, projectors or interactive monitors in the classroom.