In-Company Courses

We apply for you to the Fundación Tripartita Bonus Courses.

Nowadays, due to globalisation and the Internet, the huge importance of communication at all levels and the knowledge of more than one language by professionals within a business is vital. For this reason, we offer special courses to businesses and professionals especially directed and focused on them.

These courses, based on ‘packs’ of hours, permit broad flexibility for managers and workers adapting to different hourly or daily timetables and intensities. We have introduced this system precisely because we realise that in today’s business world it is every day becoming more and more difficult to meet with the restrictions of very strict courses. We are conscious of the fact that this is the only way for students to take 100% advantage of the classes in which they are registered, and the businesses or professionals can benefit fully from the investment that a language course represents.

Our team will analyze the particular needs of each business and its respective market with the aim of obtaining the most benefit for, and meeting the current communicative needs of the company.

The courses can be in groups or individual, with materials specifically geared to the labour market pertaining to each business.

Languages you can study are Arabic, Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Our methodology is dynamic, communicative and participative and this is our way to teach you languages. Not just the rules of grammar, but a language to use and communicate with.

Our material is both modern and effective. We work with different material from publishers like Langenscheidt, Hueber, Difusion, Herder, Richmond, Pons, Cle International, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University, Guerra Edizioni, Loescher Editore, Primo Livello……

Our teachers are native, well-qualified, with experience, and do not use a language other than that which you are learning, which is the only way to become accustomed to how the language sounds.

We can assist you in receiving funding from the Fundació Tripartita.

We also prepare and do registrations for official exams in case you are interested.

Classes can be held at the school or in your office, in which a supplement for transport will be charged. You can also take the classes through Videoconference.

Classes can be cancelled in advance within 4h of the start of the class, otherwise the class will be lost.

Classes can be scheduled from Monday to Thursday 8h to 21h, Friday until 19h and Saturday 10h to 14h. Classes on Saturday must be held at your office.

At the end of the course a Language Certifcate is issued with dates of the course, hours taught and level reached

Companies like La Caixa, Mango, FNAC, Alstom, Desigual, Granini, Random House Mondadori, Volotea, ATM, Uniland Cementera, Suministros Hospitalarios, Notaria BCN, Nufarm España, Adeyco SA, Goethe-Institut Barcelona, Clara Novias, Laporta & Arbos Advocats, Zurich Services, ArcelorMittal, Audi Hispana, Centro de Oftalmologia Barraquer, Ajuntament Hospitalet de Llobregat, Archs-Torrela Advocats, Hoteles Hesperia, Derypol, Primar Iberica, Tiempo BBDO, Voelker & Partner, UBP, ECA, Cuatro Casas, Hitachi, Fundacio Josep Finestres, Kellog España, Esteve Quimica, Medicos Sin Fronteras and many more have trusted in us to teach their employees so we have been teaching professionals from different profesional sectors for many years.