We look for your accommodation in Barcelona!

If you are going to be in Barcelona for a more or less long time, we can offer you different types of accommodation such as shared apartments, family, student residence or private apartment.

We select and coordinate all accommodation options ourselves, always located between 5 and 25 minutes from the school, either on foot or by public transport (subway or bus).

We examine all accommodations regularly to make sure you are well accommodated.

All our accommodations are furnished and offer free internet connection.

The option of sharing a double room is available only for two students who book together, except in July and August, when a double room can be booked individually. In that case, the room is shared with another student that we assign to you.

One week is 7 nights and check-in and check-out are usually done on Saturday or Sunday, but we offer the possibility of arriving other days with an additional charge depending on the dates.

The types of accommodation that we can offer you are the following:


In this case you stay in a private room in a flat shared with other students or young professionals. The kitchen, the living room and the bathroom are shared. The apartments are fully furnished:

Single Room: 130€ I week or Double Room: 90€ I week


This is the best option to learn about culture and gastronomy and practice Spanish outside of school; and surely the best way to integrate into our local customs.

Single Room   B&B: 175€ I week   HB: 210€ I week   FB: 245€ I week

Double Room   B&B: 150€ I week   HB: 185€ I week   FB: 220€ I week


The main difference with a regular Host Family is the size of the room, the private bathroom and the laundry and ironing service.

Single Room  B&B: 245€ I week   HB: 270€ I week   FB: 315€ I week

Double Room   B&B: 205€ I week   HB: 240€ I week FB: 275€ I week


We collaborate with several student residences in Barcelona, ​​all with private bathrooms. If you are interested in this option, please ask us for more information about the situation and the services included.

Single Room   SC: 285€ I week   B&B: 310€ I week   HB: 355€ I week   FB: 395€ I week

Double Room   SC: 240€ I week   B&B: 265€ I week   HB: 310€ I week   FB: 355€ I week


The main difference with the normal residence is the size of the room, as well as the facilities and additional services of the residence such as the gym and the pool.

Single Room   SC: 410€ I week   B&B: 430€ I week   HB: 480€ I week   FB: 520€ I week

Double Room   SC: 390€ I week   B&B: 365€ I week   HB: 410€ I week   FB: 455€ I week


If you want to live alone or with friends, we can offer you private apartments with your own kitchen, bathroom and living room. These apartments are fully furnished. Price is for the apartment, not per student.

Studio Loft (No Rooms): 490€ I week          Standard (1 room): 540€ I week

Comfort (2 rooms): 590€ I week                   Family (3 rooms): 640€ I week

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